The Nabataean people built the ancient city of Petra, securing control over the Incense Trade Route, an ancient network of major land and sea trade routes interconnecting various parts of the world to exchange essential goods necessary for their survival.

In our increasingly digitized global ecosystem, Nabatech is a leading force to bridge between monetary systems and existing core financial systems (e.g. RTGS) that need to co-exist in the financial landscape of the future.

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Our vision

We envision a global digital economy cultivating inclusivity where all stakeholders grow the overall GDP with local currency through efficient and secure means while preserving government's monetary sovereignty in the digital age.

Our mission

We are the force pioneering CBDC rails that will satisfy both the needs of sovereigns and the public, making domestic & global payments more efficient and resilient to enable implementation of monetary policy, within a privacy-preserving, diverse landscape for everyone.